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Artificial Intelligence to combat the Coronavirus

In the face of the global emergency that the Covid-19 pandemic is causing. Technology companies are studying how the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help fight the coronavirus.

Can Artificial Intelligence help fight the coronavirus? Executives from large technology companies such as Amazon, Gonutrients Apple, Facebook, or Microsoft met last week. In order to discuss their role in this pandemic at various meetings and with officials from different public administrations.

Among the topics to discuss was the role of these companies in data modeling and monitoring. And how to use Artificial Intelligence to act most effectively in this crisis. And it is that after a report from the World Health Organization pointed out that AI played a crucial role in China’s response to the virus. The technology companies are redoubling their efforts to make effective use of Artificial Intelligence against the coronavirus.

Share Data

Facebook is already working with researchers from Harvard University’s School of Public Health and Tsing Hua National University in Taiwan, sharing anonymous data on people’s movements and high-resolution population density maps, which help them to forecast the spread of the virus. The social network is also helping to understand how people talk about it in their online conversations through tools like Crowdtangle.

For its part, if Google search data has been used on other occasions to track infectious diseases, now, the biological science research branch of Google, Verily, is developing a small body temperature patch that transmits data to an application on the smartphone. This is very useful in elderly populations where viral infections have higher mortality rates.

Fight Disinformation

So far, no comprehensive study has been done on the amount of misinformation on platforms like Google and Facebook, but it is likely to be very high.

From Google, they point out that they are working 24 hours a day to protect users from phishing, conspiracy theories, malware, and disinformation.

For its part, YouTube is using its home page to direct users to the World Health Organization and other groups for education and information, as it works to remove videos suggesting alternative cures as soon as they are posted.

Find a solution

Some experts point out that, given the agility that algorithms allow. The use of Artificial Intelligence will speed up processes compared to traditional research. In this regard, the use of it is to develop antibodies and vaccines for Covid-19 rapidly. And also, to design a drug design to combat current. And future outbreaks of coronavirus.

Robot Cleaners

While we found a solution to help curb and eradicate this pandemic. Facilitating daily life during the crisis is another top priority. The use of robots that use AI can help enormously when carrying out cleaning tasks to avoid new infections. And also, in telepresence systems for remote meetings, consultations, or simply to connect with loved ones.

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