The Bundle Benefits of Cat6 Cabling

While tons of homes and businesses are opting to go wireless, there is absolutely no doubt that a wired network is still the preferred choice in both homes and offices alike.

The reason why is because having a cable network will make sure that you have one of the highest speed networks to handle your internet, phone, online gaming, streaming security system, file sharing and more.

If you are interested in learning about some of the most popular types of cabling, there is no doubt that the Cat6 cable is a great place to start. To help you make a decision about what kind of network you want to have for your home or business, let’s break down the top benefits of Cat6 cabling.

Increased speed 

Category Cat6 cables offer double the speed compared to Cat5 cables because of the face that they have separators inside the cables. This makes it so that even a single pair of the wire comes in contact with the aids in impacting the speed of these cables. In fact, Cat6 cables are able to offer up to 1 gigabit speeds, which is way, way faster than the standard Cat5 cable.

Great structure 

When it comes to the structure of the Cat6 cable, it is quite similar to the highly effective structure of the Cat5. The only primary difference is that there are separators in the Cat6 which make sure that pairs of cables do not touch one another. As a result, this is able to create faster bandwidth and dramatically reduces the risk of interference from any of the other wires.

Highly compatible 

Cat6 cables are highly compatible and can easily be used to switch out and update older cable systems. The reason why is because they use similar ports and plugs to that of the Cat5 and Cat5e cables. On top of that, people are able to actually use Cat5 and Cat6 cable together because they are very compatible with one another. This means that you can gain the speed and access of using Cat6 without having to switch out your entire network of Cat5 cables.

Highly scalable 

The final fantastic benefit of using Cat6 cables is that if your intention is to upgrade your entire network completely, you will be able to continue to scale the use of cables as your needs and development grows. This is especially important for companies who are looking to attain maximum advantages of having fantastic network connectivity throughout their growing office or offices.

Stay ahead of the curve 

If you are looking to get a leg up on your competitors, there is no doubt that you are going to want to have the fastest network around. While wireless may seem fast and easy, there is no doubt that having cables will lead to a much more powerful network which will help you attain faster transfers, uploads, downloads and more. As Cat6 is the industry standard, you will want to make sure to have them at the very top of your list!

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