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Cyberattacks and Malware Grow through Mobile phones, How to Protect from these Attacks?

Cyberattacks: Although most users and clients maintain correct security around their computers and networks, we usually tend to give less importance to the protection and security of mobile phones against malware.

And it is that at the end of the day, they proclaim as the most used devices during the day. But unlike other platforms, they house both personal and work data.

  • The main reason why they have become a viable target for cyberattacks. Whose presence, according to data, they would have experienced significant growth during the past 2019 (with double-digit growths and even duplicate values compared to the previous year).
  • Thus, this study highlights the sophistication of some methods, such as Adware or Stalkerware. Such as the new methods most used by cyberattacks.
  • With a little intrusive behavior and quite challenging to detect, the first focuses on the collection of private information of our personal habits, showing users ads and advertising according to their interests to end up distributing later, and without their consent, the data To thirds.

As for stalkerware, it consists of commercial spyware applications installed on devices in a hidden way, operating in the background to collect significant amounts of personal data such as location, web browsing history, text messages, conversations on social networks, the photo gallery, etc.

While again, they are not only limited to sharing this information with the “stalker” himself. But also usually related to a redistribution from their own servers.

How to protect ourselves against these Cyberattacks of sensitive data?

There are some habits and good practices that any user can try to adapt to avoid such malware programs:

  • Pay attention to the applications installed on your device and avoid downloading from unknown sources
  • Always keep devices updated
  • Perform system scans regularly to check for possible infections.

Besides, we also recommend the installation and use of complete solutions. Such as its Security Cloud tool, which aims to protect the privacy and personal information of users from mobile threats. And also, while enabling the ability to easily verify whether the Privacy of these terminals has been compromised.

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