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Email Marketing – The Effective Strategy for Companies

In 1971 Ray Tomlinson sent the first fully developed email from ARPANET. Since then, the number has grown to just over 236 billion emails sent each day.

Among these emails are those that come from companies that, despite their continued use, are still a marketing tool in full force.

So-called email marketing is a tool that creates targeted and personalized messages, which allows you to build significant relationships with users. And, normally, improve response rates to direct marketing campaigns.

All this if it is carried out with the appropriate tools and without making prevalent mistakes that reduce the chances of success.

Acumbamail stands out among the email marketing tools that we can find in the market for companies. The service allows us to manage and monitor all our shipments correctly. For this, this solution offers the following functionalities:

  • Real-time support
  • Forms that will enable subscribers to be captured and mailing lists to grow easily.
  • Integration with popular applications and CMS such as Google Analytics, WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, or Magento.
  • Editor of e-mail marketing templates, which ensures that we can send with a suitable HTML. And optimized for all types of email clients and devices.
  • Possibility of creating standard campaigns, RSS or autoresponder.
  • Access to real-time statistics and monitoring of the results of each campaign.
  • GDPR compliance.

This means having a complete email marketing service that covers all those fronts. And also, adds functional practices for any business that wants to take the message directly to the mailbox of its affiliates.

Why Bet on Email Marketing?

At this point, few doubt the efficiency, simplicity, and effectiveness of well-made email marketing campaigns. However, it is necessary to have a tool that allows us to optimize all the phases of the process in order to amortize each euro invested fully.

To launch an email marketing campaign, we do not need any previous experience or specialized knowledge. Its tools are so simple to use that we can take advantage of them from the first moment. And if we have any problem we will have specialized assistance.

Price is always one of the fundamental keys since it represents an investment when it comes to advertising. Well, with Acumbamail we can enjoy an email marketing campaign of 2,000 emails free (perfect for carrying out the first test without risks), or hire one of 20,000 emails for just 18 euros.

Also, we can improve each campaign thanks to the integrated analysis tools that will allow us to assess which approach our clients have liked the most, both in terms of the design of the emails and their content.

According to various studies, each euro invested in an email marketing campaign generates an average income of more than 35 euros. If we can do all this together, we will realize the value it offers as an advertising tool. And also, everything it can do for our business.

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