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     Thank you so much for your interest in our guest blogging. We are more than delighted to have you as a contributor.

What do we do?

      We are an interesting website who have business-oriented topics to satisfy our customers all technology-related wants and needs. That is what we are expecting from you too.


   Certainly, we do educate our readers on all basic marketing ideas and discuss the strategies to develop their knowledge.

Expert opinions:

   We cordially accept a wide knowledge of experience and expert opinions for our readers to gain the advanced levels and updates of marketing technologies.

Marketing "Write For Us"

Do you have unique marketing ideas? Do you think you can make a tremendous change in somebody else’s business strategies through Marketing?

   Surely, this is the place for you to give your contribution.

Our domain includes, 









Why should you write for us?

●     Your articles will be shared with our blog. We do email campaigns to increase the post reach.

● We are a team of hard-working experts; thus, by giving us a guest post, your Domain authority score will automatically increase.

What we expect from you,

● Writers should have published content, either on their own blog or other blogs.

● Should have an interest in research and analysis of the topic.

● Before starting to write for us, study our website thoroughly about what we are providing the readers.

● The article should satisfy the reader’s needs and give in-depth knowledge about the topic.

Post type:

  1. Articles – you can write us the professional, technical, and preferable Marketing + Guest posts + write for us to help our readers.
  2. News – write for us + Marketing + Guest post, all the digital marketing and marketing latest news from every source.

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Article categories we accept:

● Digital marketing

● SEM – Search Engine Marketing

● SEO – Search Engine Optimization

● Online branding

Social media marketing

● Email marketing

● Affiliate marketing

● Google tools- Google analytics, Webmaster search control, Google algorithm updates.

● Content marketing

● Influencer marketing

● Start-up Marketing

Let’s get started writing!!!

 Before starting to write for us, look at our guidelines!!

● Create your content informatively

● Provide some actionable tips

● Content should be neat and direct

● Paragraph length should be short. Three lines in a paragraph.

● The Word count would be great by 650.

● No duplication is allowed.

● We value the only original creation.

● It should be free of plagiarism (it should come out clean of Copy Scape checking).

● Follow up with needful resources, pictures, and videos.

● Stay clear of any copyrighted labels.

● No copy-pasting as well.

● Use a focus keyword in your article.

● Give your external and internal links, if any.

● Your contact details and a photograph is necessary for your author unit.

● Add up a little C.V. of yours, so your readers can learn about you.

● Headings and sub-headings are the main parts to display the content.

● Try to be friendly and communicative with your reader.

● Write stepwise for the articles that include procedures for some solution of marketing use.

● Keep the News facts research handy.

● Write-up formatted in Word is mandatory.

● Proofread your content prior to submitting it to us.

We appreciate and acknowledge all creative writers. We guide all businesses, either small or big. If you have the potential requirements, DTP welcomes you with all the support.

Benefits for you as a writer:

● We will post your link as follow the author’s note; thus, you get your own readers to follow up.

● After publishing, we post your article on social media with author credits.

● This is an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience regularly.

● You will get more readers.

● Your social media profile will get prominence.

● Get introduced and honored to the world as an expert author.

● Get your knowledge polished.

● We will share your link with a “Do-Follow” to important pages of the article’s main part.

● Your skills will get enhanced.

  DTP write for us + Marketing + Guest post will surely be a profile raiser for you and your brand.


Benefits for the readers:

●     The readers will get to know the professional experts’ knowledge.

● They will be informed with up to dated details about Marketing.

 What is our benefit:

    By sharing the expertise articles of marketing, our domain will get more audience.

  “If you dream of becoming a guest blogger, DTP desires to post your valuable article.”

How to submit your “write for us” + Marketing + Guest post:

   Suppose you have read all our guidelines and are okay with our requirements. And if you have the potential experience and knowledge,

“Don’t wait for anything.”

  Send an email to our mail id regarding your “title.” For submitting your final article,

 Kindly send it to,

Then please wait for the approval and publishing.

Things to be noted:

● The DTP has all the rights to edit and change the images, plinks, and videos, and you share them in the article before publishing. We will send you the edited copy before publishing it for your reference.

● We do not accept any advertorial, news copies, or excessive links to edit.

● Please check with our guidelines before you send it.

After the approval of your article, ( write for us+ Marketing + Guest post ) 


● If your guest post gets accepted, we will analyze it. If it needs any change, then we will send you the edited copy.

● We have all the rights to change the irrelevant content for our website.

● Currently, we don’t pay for any guest posts.

● After posting your article, we recommend you share it on your social media and on all networks.

● Please take charge of responding to your comments on the blog.

Strings to follow by “keywords” – Write for us + Marketing.

Marketing “Write For Us”

Marketing + Write for us + guest post

Marketing + “write for us” + guest post

Marketing + “write for us.”

Marketing writes for us.

Marketing Tips write for us.

Marketing writes for us a guest post.

Marketing + “write for us” + guest blog

Marketing + write for us + guest blog

Contact us:

Facebook & Twitter

You can mail us if you have any queries at

We will reply to you back after reviewing your article.

You can find us on Google by typing :

Column1 Topics that you can write are: Search Terms Related to Marketing write for us marketing
1 Marketing Articles  “submit a blog post” Marketing  “submit a blog post”
2 SEO Articles “contribute to our site” SEO “contribute to our site”
3 Target Ad Articles “guest column” Target Ad “guest column”
4 Digital marketing Articles  “submit content” Digital marketing  “submit content”
5 Affiliate marketing Articles “submit your content” Affiliate marketing “submit your content”
6 social media marketing Articles  “submit a post” social media marketing  “submit a post”
7 marketing strategy Articles “This post was written by” marketing strategy “This post was written by”
8 email marketing Articles “guest post” email marketing “guest post”
9 marketing plan Articles “guest posting guidelines” marketing plan “guest posting guidelines”
10 advertising agency Articles “suggest a post” advertising agency “suggest a post”
11 internet marketing Articles “submit an article” internet marketing “submit an article”
12 digital marketing course Articles “contributor guidelines” digital marketing course “contributor guidelines”
13 e-marketing Articles  “submit news” e-marketing “submit news”
14 SEO services Articles  “become a guest blogger SEO services “become a guest blogger
15 direct marketing Articles  “guest blogger” Articles  “guest blogger”
16 digital marketing agency Articles “looking for guest posts” digital marketing agency “looking for guest posts”
17 seo company Articles  “guest posts wanted” seo company “guest posts wanted”
18 what is digital marketing Articles “submit a guest post” what is digital marketing “submit a guest post”
19 b2b marketing Articles “guest poster wanted” b2b marketing “guest poster wanted”
20 marketing online Articles  “accepting guest posts” marketing online “accepting guest posts”
21 marketing agency Articles “writers wanted” marketing agency “writers wanted”
22 social marketing Articles“guest post” social marketing “guest post”
23 marketing research Articles “write for us” marketing research “write for us”
24 web marketing Articles “guest article” web marketing “guest article”
25 online advertising Articles “guest post opportunities” online advertising “guest post opportunities”


We appreciate and acknowledge your valuable article. Let’s team up together!!!

Thank you!!!

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