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Sales Marketing – When we Unite the Potential of Sales and Promotion | 2020

Sales Marketing: The commercials of a company are dedicated to selling and those responsible for marketing to promote the brand so that they put customers on a tray.

But what if we put the strength of these two departments together for more than just passing the contacts? That sales marketing arises or, more simply put, a combination of natural success.

Establishing the optimal and functional balance between the marketing and sales teams is the goal of sales marketing.

This comes to be the natural consequence of the digital transformation of these business areas. And, at the same time, a key piece in promoting this transformation. Two sides of the same coin that seeks to increase business and reputation.

But to make sales marketing work, it is necessary to identify specific elements that help make this strategy a reality.

Design Digital Strategies

The digital environment should allow the digital interaction circuits to be designed according to the customer life cycle, measure the results of commercial interactions and correct errors in real-time.

The current and future model should focus on the customer experience and on optimizing that digital environment.

Be Innovative

Being faster than the competition allows you to obtain an added advantage to be the client’s preference. Innovation and the introduction of new technologies is the first step towards transformation.

Knowledge and Use of Big Data

Companies must be able to generate, store, manage data and also make sense of business immediately to translate it into economic opportunities for business.

Commit to the team

Companies must be able to create a team capable of adapting and involving in the digital transformation process. The attitude of the team members is decisive for the success of the digitalization of the process.

Review of Business Culture

It is possibly one of the essential aspects of this process to work. In addition, to generate the behavior necessary for the new culture focused on digital transformation, the digital transformation of sales must have the focus, priority, and support from above the company management.

Obsess Over Brand Recognition

Being a digitally recognized brand opens new business opportunities. But being the first reference brand for your client requires a lot of effort and time and you have to be present where your client is.

How we Implement it?

These ideas are just the first step in charting a sales marketing strategy. From there, we must analyze our situation, observe our resources and procedures. And also, assess what we must change and how we can implement it.

In the market, many tools can help us in more fluid communication. Options such as CRMs can be perfect allies to enhance this relationship, but we must also use others to work collaboratively or encourage joint projects.

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