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5 Trends in Business Social Networks By 2020

Social Networks: Consumers begin to demand more intimate experiences from brands, something that has already been advanced, for example, Facebook with Threads or LinkedIn with its Teammates function.

The involvement in social affairs will be another trend this year in the business activity within social media. What will more keys have to be faced in 2020?

Hootsuite offers us the 5 trends in social networks for 2020 based on its annual survey of 3,110 marketing professionals, interviews with industry analysts.

1. Brands will Seek a Balance Between Public and Private Commitment

Private communication of companies with customers has increased, especially thanks to the growing use of messaging.

However, this has not diminished the importance of public channels in social networks, which are still fundamental for brand discovery and customer acquisition.

The key for brands will be to create a seamless experience in both the public (social networks) and private spheres while balancing automation and human connection to build deeper relationships with customers.

2. Companies will have to Adopt a Greater Social Commitment

Employees expect their companies to become increasingly involved in social issues at a time when the world is more polarized.

Organizations will take the lead in this new role, building strong internal cultures, expanding the company’s purpose with the defense of employees and customers.

3. TikTok changes the Status Quo

TikTok has been one of the phenomena of 2019, with a significant rise in use and popularity. This offers a valuable perspective on the future of social culture, content, and collaboration.

Social marketing professionals should look at TikTok. And also, use this knowledge to adapt their social media strategies for the next generation.

4. Clash Between Social Marketing and Results Marketing

Social marketing professionals face increasing pressure to expand the reach of their skills. Brand advocates and community building must also master the marketing of results.

The challenge for 2020 lies in finding balance, developing holistic skill sets that can boost both short-term conversions, and also long-term strategies to build brand value, good customer experience, and differentiation.

5. The Challenge of Measuring Social ROI

The return on investment and measurement remain persistent challenges. However, Hootsuite has discovered in his research three “best practices” that organizations are following for the analysis of ROI:

  • They link social data with other data (such as those from CRM) for a holistic view.
  • They focus on omnichannel integration
  • And also, they borrow established attribution models from other channels.

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