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Digital Technology Pro is an update-consumption destination for everyone who is attentive in reading trends, tech news, updates, technology, finance, business ideas, future tech articles, and many more. Our readers include tech-savvies and non-tech ones as well holding to various industries, which makes it the proper place to guest-blog for technology companies and various businesses. 

Why Guest Blog with us? 

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Email Us at info@digitaltechnologypro.com 

We welcome bloggers, authors, techies, and non-techies with fine and authentic content to publish their content with DTP. In return, we promote your work through our website Digitaltechnologypro.com and in all our social media channels. With Digital Technology Pro, you can reach out to a vast mass who are eagerly and strongly waiting to read great technology content. You can write for us technology, business, finance, future technology blogs.  

Who Should Post at Digital Technology Pro?  

The legit question indeed. Right? 

Our answer will be – Each and every one, who belongs to the below categories, should publish guest blogs with us – 

  • People who want to tell their story and think that our reader will be the best to absorb them. 
  • Those who will reach out to technology enthusiasts. 
  • Who wants to increase their brand’s reach.

Benefits of write for us on DTP- 

We accept authors, blog writers, and professionals with good and strong content to 

post their content with Digital Technology Pro. Giving back, we push your content through our 

website, digitaltechnologypro.com. And via all social media channels as well. 

  • 20K+Followers 
  • 5K+Views
  • 1.5K+Followers   
  • 3K+Subscribers  
  • 7K+Followers  
  • 2K+Followers

Benefits to create sponsored with us 

The right question indeed.  

Our answer will be – All, who belongs to the following categories, should publish guest posts with us – 

  • If you want to improve their brand’s reach. 
  • People who will get in touch with technology enthusiasts. 
  • Those who want to tell their experience and believe that our audience will be the one to learn them.

Rules for Publishing 

Technology + Write For UsWe are publishers who are partial to none. If your think that your content is worth it, then consider it 

published. But, make sure to – 

  • Write an error-free, well-structured post. 
  •  We need plagiarism-free posts. 
  • Content should be 100% unique, with correct spellings, and should make sense. 
  • Make use of correct and well-researched facts and grammar. 
  • No promotional & Affiliate links will be accepted. 
  • Try to select the subject or topic which is in trending now and which matches the type of articles we publish. 
  • Ignore any spam or broken links in the pitch. 


  • Add copyright-free images of high-resolution at least one(Mandatory). 
  • Minimum 1000 words in length. 
  • Articles must be related to our niches or targeted audience. As we don’t publish unwanted categories. 
  • Do give appropriate interlink to your blog with DTP’s related previous articles.

How to Post with us? 

It is simple to guest blog with us or write for us. But before that, please read about us to collect what 

we publish. It will guide you to choose the correct topic and blog idea.  

  • Sign-up with Digital Technology Pro, and fill in all the compulsory details in the form. You will receive a confirmation mail. Just click on the link to ensure your identity. 
  • Fill up your user account. Add Fill bio, grammar, photo, and provide other details as asked accordingly on our website. Save details, and you will be ready to guest post on our website. 
  • We will make your individual author page on our DTP. 
  • You can post your blog directly to our website. Make sure that you are posting the final version of the blog and not a draft. It is important because editors will accept or reject your content after you submit it. So, look for all the guidelines properly. 


Write For Us TechnologyAs soon as you submit the blog at Digital Technology Pro, it entered our moderation 

system and will be verified manually by our team. To get it approved, you should obey our rules carefully.  

NoteYou can also become our daily contributor at Digital Technology Pro if you want. Just keep coming up with excellent and original content, and publish as many blogs as you want. 

Once you submit your work with us, give us some time to review your content and its scope. Our editors receive so many publishing requests, so we will queue your blogs for publishing once it is reviewed properly.

For any concerns,    

No Call Just Email Us at info@digitaltechnologypro.com  

We are available on Instagram also.  

Show your charm. Stay with us.  

We will usually get back to you within 24hours. If not, do not think twice to give us a reminder.   

Take Care. 

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