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5 Technological Trends that will Move In 2020

Technological Trends in 2020: This year will be marked by the arrival of some technologies as well as the challenges that digitalization brings worldwide. Here some expert projections.

Many of the technological trends that moved in 2019 will be more advance and more bets this year. Some experts pointed out what will move in 2020 in technological trends.

1. 5G Trip

The 5G undoubtedly supposes a significant push towards the consolidation of the digital revolution that aims, among others, a better user experience.

Thus, this year the 5G thanks to its high connection speed, minimum latency, and high reliability, will allow the connection of an autonomous car with everything that surrounds it. Including the streets themselves (in the case of smart cities ).

The great moment is expected to be the launch of the first iPhone compatible with the 5G network. A step was already taken by Samsung and Xiaomi. In the same way, another unknown will be the role that the Chinese supplier Huawei. It will have in the worldwide deployment of this technology.

And also, this will be the major technological trends to look after in 2020.

2. Advances in Quantum Computing

One of the great announcements of 2019 was the one by Google in which he claims to have designed a computer that achieves quantum supremacy. According to Ortíz, this means that the achievement of operation was that is not possible today through the classic computing that we use in our computers and cell phones.

The expert pointed out that “this advance is important because, with this computing, machine learning processes would be enhanced and would achieve much more significant advances. Besides, this new type of computer science would solve previously impossible or challenging problems, such as discovering which molecules could produce really effective drugs. ”

  • 2020 will arrive with more folding cell bets.
  • Are Colombians willing to pay more than $ 1,000,000 for a cell phone?
  • So you can enjoy a day without using cash.

We will have to wait for new advances brought by the company and others in this market, such as IBM.

3. The Evolution of the Blockchain

Red Hat experts affirm that the blockchain will have its role in 2020. Nowadays, companies obtain greater security and monetization of their business thanks to this data structure. In addition to this, investments in this technology grow at a compound rate of 73%. And with a projected total expenditure of US $ 11.7 billion by 2022.

Some of the benefits of this technology are immediacy, security, cost reduction and error identification, among others. Also, you can already apply these blockchains in other sectors, from intellectual property to food security or property management.

4. The Giant’s Tax

This is one of the great technological challenges of this year. Can you control the devouring appetite of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon and other giants of the network that are attacking new sectors of the economy (series, games, transport, health, and payments)?

Libra, Facebook’s digital currency project, should see the light in 2020. But authorities are questioning it in both Europe and the United States. Elizabeth Warren, a likely Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States, advocates the dismantling of technology giants in the name of free competition.

In the European Union, Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of Competition and digital exchanges, now considers as the nightmare of Gafa firms. The Ocde hopes to obtain a political agreement on the taxation of technology giants and multinationals in June 2020.

5. Fight Against Digital Anarchy

The presidential campaign in the United States will test the ability and willingness of social networks to organize against misinformation and manipulation.

In Europe, the European Union is studying a new intermediate notion between “manager” (the current status of a social network like Facebook) and “editor” to create a concept of editorial responsibility.

Negotiations will also continue in the United Nations on the standards of good international behavior in cyberspace. And at a time when states acquire increasingly sophisticated cyberweapons.

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