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4 Tips to Improve Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns: It is clear that digitization is becoming one of the main pillars of the IT channel. But when it comes to promotion or marketing, such as through email. It seems that we still have a pending issue.

And is that for companies of any kind? And it is essential to have one of these email campaigns to communicate with your audience and try to capture and transform potential customers.

Thus, it has been proven that the correct personalization of these email campaigns can translate into an increase in their effectiveness of up to 26%. Something that we can achieve ourselves just by applying the following steps:

1. Investigate and Identify our Audience

The first thing that we should take into account is that not all clients of our databases have the same needs and interests, so the fact of personalizing any email campaign will begin with the correct definition of them.

It is the very people to whom we are sending content that finally has the power of decision.

Know and be known

It is advisable to understand who our target audience is before planning a campaign. The more information you have, the easier it will be to make the right marketing decisions.

For the collection of this data from our users, for example, we can create simple surveys where we ask them directly.

What do they need help with? How can your brand solve its problems? What are they looking for from you?

On the other hand, 70% of consumers say that they prefer to know the details and benefits of a company through elaborate and useful content instead of ads.

2. List Segmentation

Directly related to the previous point, the very fact of being able to identify the different needs of our clients will allow us to carry out a new classification of them.

In this way, we can offer each subscriber information about what they really want or generate interest in. And it is that if our content does not align with your needs and interests, we could not only reduce conversions. But even risk losing subscribers.

3. Implement a Consistent Brand

Users receive heaps of emails in their inboxes daily, which between messages from other companies and brands, loved ones, coworkers, etc., you can end up overwhelming to the point of accumulating as unread.

A great way to differentiate your campaign from all others is by implementing our brand in every email. And it is that if an email lacks identifying elements, subscribers will not know who it is. And there is a possibility that it ends up in your spam folder.

Color Schemes: Colors are an excellent way for the brain to set you apart from your competitors. And accurately remember your brand. Using the same colors for each campaign helps establish brand recognition.

Font and Typography: If you want to use one or two sources, be sure to stick to them for each campaign.

Add a logo: Getting your subscribers familiar with your logo and other visual aspects of your brand reinforces your recognition.

Use Images: To grab and hold readers’ attention, you may need more than just text blocks. Use pictures to divide paragraphs and give them something fascinating to look at.

4. Send Personalized Suggestions and Reminders

Many businesses have an automated function with which, once you search for a product on a website without finalizing a purchase, it proceeds with the subsequent sending of an email reminding you of these products and some similar offers.

Although this type of email may be a surprise for some users. In general, they are conceived as something pleasant, and it presents some elements that they like.

Re-viewing the items they were interested in will likely encourage them to revisit your website and make a purchase.

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