LG Presents its New Range of Oled TVs

As every year, LG takes advantage of CES to unveil its new range of Oled TVs, and in 2020, we can say that the Korean manufacturer has put the package with no less than 14 different models.

  • The CX series succeeds in the C9 range while the BX series takes over from B9 televisions.
  • The same goes for the LG 65WX wallpaper TV, which succeeds in the LG 65W9. And which retains a remote soundbar.
  • The LG 65R9 roll-up TV – which is still not available – has already been replaced by the LG 65RX.
  • LG’s Oled 8K TV – the LG 88Z9 we tested – is also replaced by the LG 88ZX.
  • It also inherits from a little brother, the LG 77ZX, which is the first OLED 77-inch 8K TV.
  • It continues to be seen whether it will be cheaper than the LG 88Z8 sold for € 30,000.

All these televisions keep a design very close to the models of last year. And it differs only by the integration of the new processor LG Alpha 9 Gen3 AI.

This should allow improving a little more the quality of the scaling and the performance of the motion compensation motor.

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A more Affordable 77-inch Oled 8K TV, but especially SmallerPixels

The first 77-inch, Oled 8K TV – the LG 77ZX – incorporates the characteristics of the 88Z9 that we tested. But inherits the new Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI processor.

Above all, this model should make it possible to democratize – so to speak – a little more Oled 8K televisions.

The 88-inch model should in a price range of around € 30,000.
And the 77-inch model should be sold between € 15 and € 20,000.

And it shows above all that LG Display has succeeded in further reducing the distance between each pixel by managing to hold 0.132 billion sub-pixels on a 77-inch panel (4 sub-pixels for the 33 million pixels of an 8K display ), and this is clearly a feat.

The New Oled GX TV that Sticks to the Wall

image result for LG oled gx tv

LG is well aware that Oled TVs hanging on the wall – with the exception of the W series – lack class, especially when compared to Samsung TVs.

And, because the thickness of the slab is very thin. Once hung on the wall, an Oled TV suffers from the thickness of the lower part which peels the slab from the wall by several centimeters.

The LG Oled GX TV responds to this problem by distributing the electronics evenly behind the panel in order to be able to press the entire TV against the wall in the manner of what Samsung offers on its high-end series, The Frame and Qled.

Unlike Samsung and LG doesn’t use an external box. The connections and the power supply are on board on the television.

It is both good and bad. The installation will be a little more complicated for the general public since it will take a lot of time to get rid of the HDMI cables and the power supply.

But, in certain situations, this avoids having an additional external box. As a result of the integration of all the components, the TV displays a uniform thickness of 20 mm, and it is more than that of the new Samsung QE65Q950TS with its 15 mm thickness.

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