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How does automated portfolio management work?

Most people think that it’s a complex and daunting task when it comes to investing. However, it doesn’t have to be with the help of automated portfolio management software. 

Automated portfolio management software is designed to help you create and manage your investment portfolio quickly and easily. It can provide you with comprehensive reports on your investments and suggest how to improve your portfolio’s performance. 

When choosing automated portfolio management software, you should consider: 

     Your investment goals

     The size of your portfolio

     The type of investments you hold

     How much time do you want to spend managing your portfolio?

     Your comfort level with computers and technology

Types of automated portfolio management programs

Several software programs offer automated portfolio management. They all work a little differently, but most programs will ask you questions about your financial goals, risk tolerance and investment preferences. The program will then create a suggested portfolio for you based on that information. You can then choose to accept or reject the recommendations. 

Most automated portfolio management software can be divided into two categories: those that are broker-based and those that are adviser-based.

Broker-based & advisor-based software

Broker-based software is designed to work with your existing online broker account, while adviser-based software works with a financial planner or adviser. 

Both types of software have their pros and cons. Broker-based software is generally less expensive, while adviser-based software offers more features and support. However, it’s essential to choose the right software for your needs. 

The program will also automatically buy and sell investments as needed to keep your portfolio in line with your goals. This can help you avoid the time commitment and risk of making investment decisions on your own. 

There are actually two different types of programs that fall under this umbrella. The first type is known as a robo-advisor, and these programs use algorithms to select and manage investments for their clients. The second type of program is known as a digital advisor, and these programs provide human financial advisors with the tools they need to manage their clients’ portfolios more efficiently.


The first type is known as a Robo-advisor, and these programs use algorithms to select and manage investments for their clients. Robo-advisors have become very popular in recent years. They offer a hands-off approach to investing that can be appealing to busy professionals or those who are uncomfortable making investment decisions on their own. These programs generally charge lower fees than traditional financial advisors, which can be accessed entirely online. 

However, Robo-advisors are not perfect, and they may not be the best option for everyone. For example, if you have a complex financial situation or are looking for personalised advice, a Robo-advisor may not suit you.

Digital advisors

Digital advisors are a newer program that offers a blend of human and automated investment management. They provide human advisors with the technology they need to manage their clients’ portfolios more efficiently, resulting in lower costs and improved performance.

 Digital advisors typically charge higher fees than Robo-advisors. Still, they may be a better option for people who need personalised advice or who want to work with a human advisor.

How does automated portfolio management work?

Popular programs for automated portfolio management

Some popular programs for automated portfolio management include Betterment, Wealthfront, Personal Capital and Acorns. Each has its unique features and benefits, so be sure to research before deciding which is suitable for you.


Once you’ve chosen the right software, it’s easy to get started, and most programs offer a free trial, so you can test it out before you buy. Enter your information into the program, and let it work for you. Automated portfolio management software is designed to make investing more manageable and efficient. Taking the guesswork out of portfolio management can help you achieve your investment goals. So if you’re looking for a way to simplify your investments with automated portfolio management, look no further than saxo wealth care. At Saxo Bank, you can trade on a demo account and practise different strategies before investing real money.

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