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4 Questions to Solve Before a Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration: Cloud technology seems to be a widespread trend in organizations and providers. However, when we delve a little deeper into penetration, we discover that it is much less common than we think. The rates increase if we talk about infrastructure where customers still have a lot of reluctance to change.

Many obstacles prevent companies from moving from on-premises infrastructure to a cloud. The unamortized investment of the previous infrastructure, the perception of a lack of security or ignorance of what the new structure can provide are some of the most common.

We must not only be prepared to offer an IaaS proposal that allows change in an efficient, agile and secure way. But also provide all the information so that companies feel safe and confident to carry out the transformation. And it is there wherein any project we must make clear the following questions:

Structure of the Migration Process

Moving data to a new infrastructure requires deadlines, security, and methodology that guarantees the success of the operation. Just everything we have to plan and show organizations before we get started.

Offering a personalized cloud migration plan is the first step to provide the necessary trust to the customer. As a supplier, it is essential to detail all the steps to follow. As well as establish a calendar with the times of the entire process.

Integration and its Support

In a cloud migration process, unforeseen events of all kinds can arise: from the partial loss of information to errors derived from the lack of interoperability of the platforms or applications.

Although it is challenging to predict these problems. But, if it is easy to warn the client of what may happen along the way. And, in our experience, prevent possible consequences and mitigate the effects. Being prepared in all situations and having a plan B previously communicated to the client will help us offer security and professionalism.

We must also not forget that support during migration is vital for customers. Addressing requests during the process will help us create an even greater bond of trust and be that trusted advisor to turn to.

Data security

Information is one of the most valuable resources of companies. You cannot lose, or forget the so-called oil organizations in a cloud migration process. That is why this change must be backed by a proper protection strategy that certifies that everything that once was will be and will comply with all security standards.

Offering all this information to companies, even if they have not asked us to, will once again demonstrate our experience and judgment.

Post-sale Training and Support

We cannot forget after. Cloud migration projects almost never end when it moves all data to the cloud. But rather are the beginning of a relationship where companies need employee training, maintenance services or other additional tools.

The support that we can offer to the client in all this later stage must be communicated to the companies so that they can have the guarantee that nothing ends the cloud migration itself.

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