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What is a Protocol? – Definition, Types and Internet Protocol

Protocol Definition

A protocol belongs to the standards developed to regulate the transmission of data between networks and devices that specifies the method, in which it backs up the data by the source to be able to receive, analyze. And understood by the receiver. In addition, this generally sets the communication rules between devices. And also, individual protocols have a built-in ability to detect and determine data packets written based on that specific protocol.

The guidelines of a network protocol establish specific characteristics of the connection, such as the access method, the physical topologies, the types of cabling, and the data transfer rate. Besides, by defining these network characteristics, a protocol is capable of ensuring that devices within a network can communicate with each other.

Types of protocols

The establishment of these multiple types of protocols is based on a specific function. These include

  • Network protocols
  • Authentication protocols
  • Secure protocols
  • IP voice protocols
  • Network service protocols
  • Multicasting protocols
  • Network management protocols
  • Routing protocols
  • Name translation protocols
  • Host management protocols
  • Email protocols
  • Directory protocols
  • Newsgroup protocols
  • Protocols for the World Wide Web
  • File protocol transfer
  • Dial-up and remote network access protocols.

Apart from these specific function protocols, identification of a protocol can be either standard or proprietary. Furthermore, a standard protocol is free to use and consists of the most commonly used systems in the industry.

The development of it was by organizations that aim at the open use and continuous development of the Internet for the benefit of the world as a whole. And also, these are different from proprietary protocols that are owned and created by a specific and defined individual or company.

These protocols are considered the intellectual property of their creator. And also, this would require the developer’s permission before being implemented by another organization.

Internet Protocols TCP/IP, Commonly used, Consist of Several Protocols

The use of a set of rules by the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), for exchanging messages with other Internet points at the information packet level.

Internet Protocol (IP), uses a set of rules for sending and receiving messages at the Internet address level.

Other protocols, including HTTP and FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which define sets of rules for use with similar programs elsewhere on the Internet.

In addition, there are many other Internet protocols, such as BGP [Border Gateway Protocol] or DHCP [Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol].

The term [protocol] is a Greek protocollon, designating the sheet of paper pasted on a handwritten volume and which describes its content.

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