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Computer – Definition, Components, Types, Functions and More | 2020

Definition Computer

The word computer has its origin in Latin computare, whose meaning is to calculate. The computer is a technological system made up of a large number of pieces that allow information to be processed. Also, the computer requires, for its operation, a series of instructions that are generated by various programs.

The programs that make up a computer make it possible for it to carry out different tasks. For this, the computer requires each of its components. The main parts that compose it are the CPU, the input and output devices and memory, among others.

The computer has two major systems: the hardware and the software.

Hardware is the set of physical components of a computer. Some of them are monitor, mouse, keyboard, hard drive, and speakers. Besides, the software, on the other hand, is the set of programs that make the operation of the computer possible—for example, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Edge, among others.

Evaluation of the Computer

As the computer is a complex team, several processes and inventions led to its creation. Among them, the first steps in digital computing in the 19th century by the inventor Charles Babbage stand out.

This was the one who created different implements such as the differential machine, which was of great importance in the creation of computers.

The creation of the first computers in the 20th century was very different from the current models. Besides, these were characterized by having gears that turned on themselves. And also, it carries out different processes of less complexity than the current ones. Among them, the calculations made by axes stood out.


Among the main components of the computer also stand out, the RAM and ROM, the processor, the CPU, and other devices. Also, many of today’s computers come with these components in such small sizes that they allow you to use what is known as notebooks, laptops.

Currently, the computer is one of the most used technological elements. Thanks to it, it is possible to carry out endless tasks that previously could not be done from programming more complex processes to communicating with people who are in very distant places. In addition, the use of the pc [computer] is also an element of entertainment, being possible to play, chat. And also watch movies on it.

Types of computers

There are two main types of computer. And, the use of each is for different purposes and therefore requires various equipment.

Digital computer: The digital computer is made up of bistable elements that acquire values such as one or zero. Thanks to these computers it is possible to use a wide variety of programs quickly.

Analog computer: The analog computer allows solving different processes as a result of the relationship between various physical systems. The circuit of each of these determines its function.

[Synonyms of computer PC, computer, laptop]

Five Major Functions of Computer

1. Input Function

The input function is for reading information from the outside to the Pc [computer]. Besides, it converts the loaded data and programs into signals in a format suitable for computer systems. Simply put, it is a function that allows humans to input programs, data, etc. into a Pc.

2. Output Function

The output function plays the role of displaying operation results and also stored data to the outside. Simply put, it is a function to display characters and images.

3. Memory Function

The memory function saves programs, data, and processing results as memory. Actual storage devices include “primary storage” in which it erases the stored data and programs are erased when the power is turned off, and also “secondary storage” in which stored data and programs are saved as they are even when the power is turned off. There is.

4. Math Function

The calculation function performs calculations and comparisons on the data according to the program instructions. In addition, the pc basically calculates two numbers, “1” (electricity is on) and “0” (electricity is not on). The speed of the calculation is calculated at a rate of millions of times per second.

5. Control Function

The control function decodes the instructions of the program and issues instructions to other devices. All the control functions control the equipment.

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