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Encryption – Definition, Uses and More – 2020

Encryption Definition

Encryption is the process of encoding or encrypting data so that it can only be read by someone with the means to return it to its original state.

It prevents criminals and spies from stealing information. Even if you don’t realize it, trust Encryption every day. Protects you while browsing the Internet, shopping online, using mobile banking, or using secure messaging applications.

When we talk about elements that contain protocols to act as intermediaries between what is on the Internet and our system. Without a doubt, we must mention cryptography.

This way of safeguarding information has existed since time immemorial. Taking as an iconic example of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, which contained elements that only certain people understood. And was able to translate.

Well precisely from there is that the computer systems took their base to develop a system where the information was introduced to a backup process and that not everyone could have access to it.

In the beginning, cryptography was used mostly by governments. Still, for some decades now, the need for Internet portals to guarantee the confidentiality of data shared by users on their platform has increased their use. It is then that the origin of the Encryption occurs.

How Does it work?

Have you ever paid attention to the icons or elements that appear when entering sales? Or service site on the Internet? If you have not done so, note: At the beginning of the URL is the acronym https. And, in the corner of the navigation bar is a lock icon, and the navigation bar is green.

If you don’t see them, stay away as it is not a safe place. And also, if you did see them, feel confident to share your information as it contains the elements that will support you in the transactions.

The same is what the method we are talking about is used for. The encryption keys will encrypt the data that you fill in the forms of the platforms that contain the elements mentioned earlier. We understand that many times we do not implement electronic commerce. And that’s due to the fear of being part of fraud or theft on the Internet.

By using and identifying the use of the tool to encrypt the data, we will be able to back up. For example, bank account numbers, personal and confidential information or keys. And also, passwords that often request to close a deal.

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