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What is Technology? – Definition, Benefits, Methods and More

Technology Definition

The term technology is made up of two Greek words that are “tekne,” which means technique, art, and “lodge” that gives a translation of skill, that is to say, that is the technique or ability of something or about.

Since past times human beings have searched for and found a variety of knowledge that has given them the experience that has led them to improve their lives.

Jacob Bigelow stated the first definition of the term technology in 1829. principles, processes, and vocabularies of the foremost famous arts, particularly people who involve applications of science, and that can be considered useful, promoting the benefit of society, together with the pay of those who persecute them.

The pen is one of the first technologies that made it easy for humans to write and remember their thoughts. That improvement of technology was with the development of the printing press. This device facilitated the mass production of the written word, allowing everyone to share their information with others.

Therefore, technology represents the set of knowledge with which man develops a better, healthier, more pleasant. And, above all, a comfortable environment for optimizing life.

The technology combines the technique of improving a space with the different revolutions that had occurred in recent centuries, specifically speaking of the industrial revolution, in it, a before and after was marked in technology.

Handwork step by step is a serial work produced by a steam-based machine with which some type of tool and transport strap was moved in it, thus developing a raw material in greater quantity, better budget, and outstanding quality.


Technology provides a large number of benefits to humanity; some of them are:

  • Facilitates daily and challenging tasks.
  • Communication through excellent devices has improved.
  • It allows the creation of projects at different scales that facilitate the development of the ability to think and engineer.
  • You learn to work electricity more safely.
  • Making of objects is from recyclable material.
  • Facilitates communication with people who are far away, through calls or video calls.
  • It enables interactions between people through video games, mobile applications, and social networks.
  • The construction and evolution of machines help to meet the needs of human beings.
  • Avoid deforestation, since it allows knowing wood the good use of it.
  • It can be life-saving in case of illness or accident.

And also, it provides all the necessary information to keep up-to-date and to be able to organize finances. Since the internet banking transactions can be carried out from the house or the place where they are located.

It allows the automation of companies since it enables them to manage specific areas through software applications, such as accounting and sales.

Technology Methods

Technology Methods are those used as instruments and tools in the manufacture of artifacts. The technology, in general, uses different scientific methods. These methods are applied depending on whether it is the industrial production of objects. Or artisan technology and technology for the provision of services such as the electrical supply service, these facilities are complex and are a position of trained personnel.

Industrial technology is the application of technology to industry; that is, it is the science in which it applies to research, innovation and the development of procedures. As well as the use of tools and devices in an orderly and logical way. In order to the transformation of goods and services supplies. Industrial technology can refer to the factors involved in the manufacture of a product, in which a set of procedures and instruments participate.

Industrial technology is a derivative of artisan technology, as industrial development, the advancement and systematization of science arrived. The application of scientific and technical principles resulted in the appearance of machines that carry out work more efficiently and faster.

For machines to serve as a substitute for man, many scientific principles had to develop that resulted in the emergence of electricity and thermodynamics. The first machines used steam for its operation. However, it found principles that marked its evolution.

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