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3 Reasons to use the Opportunity Registration | 2020

Opportunity Registration – Approaching a new client, getting a meeting to listen to their needs, and proposing a proposal tailored to their needs takes a significant effort for any technology provider.

Time, human resources, and technical and/or commercial knowledge that can be thrown overboard if another partner sets the same goal.

To avoid these situations, many manufacturers have long promoted opportunity records in their programs for the distribution channel.

They do not use a mechanism that, many times, due to lack of time, carelessness, or simply ignorance. But why are they so important?

Opportunity registration is a perfect way to focus on the customer experience. Having the peace of mind that our presale is safe, we can focus on studying the needs. And proposing the best options, providing all the value with the support of the manufacturer.

This option also allows you to increase partner satisfaction. By reducing conflicts between potential sellers to the same customer, they are all on equal terms. In this way, partners can once again focus on business development.

Spinning with the satisfaction of the partners, the opportunity registration also allows for gaining inefficiency. Being just a partner that focuses on one customer, the rest will be able to serve others or find other customers to attack. More open fronts can translate into more business.

Effective Opportunity Registration

Despite the advantages of these opportunity records, they do not always work as they should. That is why they can be accompanied by other complementary or parallel initiatives that make it much more effective.

Efficiency and communication: having a simple, agile, and efficient process when registering opportunities is vital. Furthermore, we cannot forget to make this resource available to partners.

Demand generation: some manufacturers personally search for customers to be later managed by their most exclusive partners.

Incentives: granting benefits for taking the time and effort to warn of the opportunities in which you work is an excellent way to achieve a higher participation ratio.

Extras: In addition to the essential incentives for registration, the difficulty of entering one or another client can be rewarded with more benefits.

With these added proposals, the distribution channel will feel much more comfortable when dealing with a manufacturer, which will motivate their loyalty, commitment, and trust. Everything necessary, or at least a large part, to make the relationship more lasting.

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