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Technology – The key to the Momentum of the Retail Sector in 2020 – Digital Technology Pro

Technology as a growth tool. Undoubtedly, the commitment to digital transformation will lead companies in the retail sector to bet on technology to boost their business.

As can be seen from a study carried out by T-Systems on digital trends for the retail sector in 2020. These businesses will take advantage of technology to make it the key piece on which to support their growth.

While large retailers have already begun their digital transformation incorporating improvements in logistics and management chains thanks to technology, and with the integration of solutions and applications at points of sale, small retailers still have an extended way to go.

Improve logistics and stock management, significant challenges, and is that the emergence of e-commerce giants such as Amazon or Aliexpress.

  • With advanced logistics systems that shorten delivery times, has pushed retailers to have to incorporate innovations to remain competitive.
  • To do this, it is not only enough to optimize logistics. But also to manage the most efficient stock management possible.

In this way, technology becomes a fundamental pillar on which to support this advance.

Innovation Integration

In these innovations, the use of digital assistants will be increasing since, as a recent PWC report points out, 17% of the people interviewed for their study use assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.

Integrating voice technology into the management and sales processes will be one of the biggest challenges for the retail channel this year.

The Arrival of 5G will give New Impetus to Retail Sector Technologies

Along with this, the incorporation of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. They will also be essential to develop predictive models that allow better stock management and demand planning and supply chain.

These innovations will be integrated with technologies, the use of which is already as RFID. But that will experience a new momentum with the arrival of 5G and will be revitalized with new applications.

For T-Systems, the standardization of IoT to collect and analyze data will help brands customize the service and product offering.

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