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Alibaba Cloud continues its Rapid Growth

Alibaba Cloud is the leading cloud company in china. And also a lesser of Alibaba groups. It provides cloud computing services to many online businesses and even to its own e-commerce ecosystem. The headquarters of this international operation is located in Singapore.

  • Alibaba Cloud, the comprehensive set of cloud computing services for businesses, continues to show positive figures for its third quarter. And with an increase of more than 62% until last December 2019, and a total of 1.5 billion Dollars.
  • It highlights that the Chinese group achieves quarterly growth figures in line with the Azure cloud (63%). And even higher than those of AWS and Google services, maintaining its plan to become the second cloud provider in 2020.
  • And this segment dedicated to public and hybrid clouds has been one of the clear key drivers for the company’s general revenue. Also, which has managed to grow by up to 38%, exceeding 23,000 million dollars.

“We celebrated two significant milestones this quarter: the first is that Alibaba Cloud’s revenues exceeded, for the first time in a single quarter, 10,000 million yuan (13,000 million euros),” said Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba, “The second milestone was the successful migration of the central systems of our e-commerce businesses to the public cloud ”

Alibaba Cloud holds a 5.4% share of the Public Cloud Market

Much of this good progress is due to the increase in EMEA partners. Derived from its first expansion to Europe during 2018. And Arrow’s most recent resource as its first distributor within the United Kingdom during the last year.

Although for the moment, the vast majority of Alibaba Cloud’s business remains within China. One of the reasons why the company has already foreseen. And warned that an important “negative impact” will soon be seen as a result of the outbreak of coronavirus. And also, whose size has not yet been estimated. But which predicts “significant drops” in relation to growth and income.

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