Top 5 fitness gadgets this 2021

If we learnt anything from the year of 2020, it was that an expensive gym membership and a personal trainer aren’t essential items when it comes to working out and achieving our fitness goals. There weren’t many people that remain unaffected by the pandemic that engulfed the globe last year and because of it, we saw gyms being closed down for weeks at a time, meaning that we had to go it alone at home on our journey to keep fit.

The good news is that when it comes to gadgets, the fitness technology industry has developed considerably in recent years and there is now something for everyone. So, whether you want to kit out your home with some equipment or just want a few gadgets to help keep you track while you can’t get to the gym, here are our top 5 fitness gadgets this 2021.

Tangram Skipping Rope

You can say goodbye to the days when skipping rope was just a school playground activity for kids as now it is a beneficial exercise activity that even professional athletes have in their training routine. Well, the Tangram skipping rope has taken skipping to the next level and this fitness gadget is perfect if you fancy a break from endless HIIT classes but want to reap similar benefits. This jump rope keeps a track of your workouts by using magnetic sensors to help you monitor calorie burn and keep a log of your data. This gadget offers everything you could possibly ask of a skipping rope and more.

Jaxjox KettlebellConnect

One of the biggest drawbacks of not being able to access the gym when you are trying to work out during lockdown is that you don’t have all the equipment you need at home, especially weights. Most of us don’t have the time or the space to fill our home with various weight sets which is why the Jaxjox kettlebellconnect comes in so handy!

This 6 weights in one adjustable kettlebell starts from 5.5kg and goes up to 19kg, so it offers you the range needed to complete various exercises. You can change the weight 3kg at a time by just pushing a button which makes using this piece of kit a whole lot easier and safer. You can also connect it to your other fitness gadgets to track your reps, weight, volume, and power.

Withings Body+ smart scale

If losing weight is at the top of your fitness goals list for 2021 then you need Withings’ body+ smart scale. This gadget revolutionises the traditional weighing scale and offers a full body composition and tracks your progress. It connects up to an easy to navigate app and you can even check the weather forecast on the scales to help you plan your exercise for the day too. This smart scale can track up to 8 different users, meaning that the whole family can get involved too.

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit has completely changed the face of fitness in recent years and people are now more aware than ever before of how active (or in-active) they are every day. No matter where you are up to on your fitness journey, a Fitbit is a great investment that can help you track steps, quality of sleep, and your overall health. But the Fibit charge 4 is one of the most advanced gadgets yet. It is swim-proof and has built in GPS and Spotify. To make life even easier, it also offers Fitbit pay capabilities. What more could you want from a gadget?

Muscle recovery equipment

While most people focus on what fitness gadgets are out there to help aid their exercise and workouts, you should also be looking at what is out there to revolutionise your recovery. If lockdown restrictions are stopping you from getting to the gym, then you will likely be unable to access your local spa for a massage. But with Pulseroll’s massage gun, you can get all the benefits of massage therapy in the comfort of your own home. From increasing blood flow to your muscles post-workout to reduce soreness, to increasing flexibility and reducing muscle tightness, this fitness gadget is a must-have for your fitness journey.

But if you are worried about storing this item at home then Pulseroll also offers their mini massage gun version, which is just as beneficial to your recovery and easy to pack away and store. You could also benefit from their vibrating foam roller which helps to ease pain and is the best way to cool down after an intense workout.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or just want to keep fit while spending more time at home, these top 5 fitness gadgets will help to keep you motivated, ensure you get the most out of your workouts, and keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals in 2021.

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