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Commercial 5G will take off in 2020

This 2020 will be the year of the great take-off of commercial 5G services driven, above all, by the increase in fixed wireless access and the proliferation of compatible devices.

Although 4G LTE networks continue to grow due to the maturity of their supply chain and strong business model, 5G services will experience a significant boost in 2020. This is indicated by the forecasts that Digitimes Research manages that they see in the growing market of 5G FWA (fixed wireless access) and the significant increase in the number of 5G devices, such as the big drivers.

At the end of last October, 46 telecommunications operators started commercial 5G operations in 26 countries. Thus, and according to the data provided by the GSA (the Global Association of Mobile Providers), the amount of 5G operating networks in its initial period is three times greater than that of the initial operations of 4G services.

Countries Interest in 5G Networks and the Proliferation of Compatible Devices will Boost 5G

Undoubtedly, this points to the good prospects with which it launches commercial 5G services. Since most countries and telecommunications operators worldwide have shown interest in accelerating the implementation of 5G networks.

To this, we must add the momentum that suppliers are printing when launching products compatible with 5G. In this sense, in mid-October. According to GSA data, the introduction of a number of 5G devices for the final market that had been introduced (including those that had not yet been launched) reached 172, mainly CPE (equipment of the customer’s facilities ). Such as phones and modules.

Chipset Demand for 5G

While the development of the mmWave network market has been slower than expected. And 60 of the 172 5G devices support mmWave technology. Since 61% of current 5G network operators are offering fixed wireless access (FWA) services. And the forecast is that the mmWave market will increase significantly.

Digitimes Research analysts point to a significant development of the mobile network market throughout 2020. And, with mobile service providers that are likely to offer sub-6 GHz. And mmWave services, or simply sub-6 GHz or 4G LTE services. This is a situation that will complicate the mobile chipset market.

For these experts, chipset providers such as Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics are likely to offer multiple SoC solutions. To meet the demand of different market segments. While MediaTek and HiSilcon Technologies will focus more on the sub-6 GHz segment.

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