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Printing – The Needs of your Commercial Department

Many times we look at a company as an entity without realizing that, depending on the department in question, the technological needs. And, in this case, printing, can be very different.

Knowing the needs of each area of a company can make a difference when recommending printing equipment. And it will be a key point for IT partners to differentiate themselves, recommending the best option for their customers.

This leads us to propose a distributed printing model that offers each business unit what it needs. Today we look at the demands of the commercial area.

The day to day of a commercial team is, to say the least, moved. The search for new clients, meetings with potentials to present ideas or projects that could be launched, or the restructuring of the team to create more attractive proposals are daily tasks in this area.

To deal with these tasks, commercials have very specific printing needs. They are looking for a team that allows them to print color documentation to deliver to customers, digitize reports that other departments have given them to teach, or directly print essential documentation for strategic meetings.

With this audience profile in mind, Brother has designed a range of color laser equipment to fit within its family of professional equipment. Specifically, these models maximize office efficiency and productivity.

Just what business departments demand to print high-quality color documents to present to their customers. But at the same time, with the possibility of saving money with long-lasting toners.

Besides, these color laser equipment take care of the security so precious for the commercials. For this, they have advanced options to protect information and secure printing to ensure the confidentiality of documents.

Distributed Printing, More Value

When considering a printing project in an organization, opting for distributed models can become a more optimal long-term investment. One more incentive to raise.

Distributed printing models allow us to offer each department what it needs. In the case of a commercial team, for example, they can choose a color laser printer, the marketing area may be better suited to a professional ink model or finance may be interested in a mono laser team to print invoices or balance sheets.

This allows each department to have what they really need depending on the way they work. Also, it prevents queues from forming in teams or large employee movements, which means an increase in productivity.

And this is a different formulation that will give more value to printing within the organization.

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