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5 Ways to Improve your Marketing thanks to Manufacturers

Let’s be frank, the technological distribution channel, in general, has many pending tasks, and among them, one is to improve your marketing. However, they do not always receive adequate help from manufacturers who promote the sale of their products without paying attention to such vital areas as that of the promotion.

And it is that although IT partners have to work more thoroughly on this aspect, there are many resources and aids that they can receive from manufacturers. Some support is not always used due to a lack of knowledge or training. Here are some of them that can improve your marketing:

1. Resource Portal

Virtually all manufacturers have a platform of graphic, technical, and commercial resources from which IT partners can obtain data for their marketing actions.

Although, indeed, many times, they are not as updated as they should be. If we can acquire a lot of data to reuse or implement in other own documentation.

2. Product Promotion

Manufacturers often launch offers, promotions, or packages to incentivize the sale of specific solutions. Actions that are usually accompanied by images and additional information that is not always used by the IT partner. However, it is a primary resource.

3. Marketing Funds

Many brand channel programs also include financial resources, better known in slang as MDF, the use of which is to carry out joint actions.

Although many of these funds are reserved for certain IT partners, we can take an interest in them. And see what the options are. Maybe one day, it will be good for us to hold an event or promote a certain action with this support.

4. Think Long Term

Technology manufacturers must always be one step ahead if they want to be at the forefront of innovation. This is why medium or long-term thinking, that is, around the age of 2 or 3, is common in their strategies. So why not take advantage of it?

If we know what will come soon, we will have many tools in our hands to anticipate the demands of our clients. And also, promote ourselves as an innovative figure.

5. Create a Community

We cannot forget the communities that manufacturers create around them. Technical support groups, assistance, or simply product improvement can be a great asset to our marketing.

Open or limited spaces, depending on the case, that can give us beneficial interactions for the business. Or allows us to learn more about the needs of potential customers, for example.

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